To love again…

A woman who opens her heart to love you, when it’s already broken, is braver than any person you’ll meet. – Steven Benson

It takes more than just effort to pick yourself up from a fall. It is only natural to fear experiences that have once caused emotional, mental and/or physical pain and discomfort. It is in our ‘intelligent’ nature to learn from past mistakes. When I was a child, I learned quickly to never put my hand in boiling water. I learned that going downhill without your training wheels for the first time is NOT fun. I learned to avoid dangerous situations and that having control can save my life.

However, avoidance and control are not always a viable option. Although these responses have kept me safe from MANY things in life, they have also hindered me to face my fears, live in the present moment and to trust in love again.

It takes COURAGE to try again, especially when you have experienced the overwhelming depths of failure and heartache. Yet, I encourage you to keep on trying because you are worth ALL the risks. Surviving my failures have led me to different experiences and new opportunities each time.

We move forward in life with more knowledge and resiliency from each set back. We develop a mastery through our failures, as we continue to face new obstacles with a persistent heart, a willful attitude and a hopeful spirit.


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